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Welcome to quantfriend - a place where you can learn all you need to know about managing your money effectively, free and professionally. Be it for retirement, for college or for fulfilling your wishes, being active in the financial markets is easy-to-do and does seldom require expensive fund managers, advisors or other financial professionals anymore. Whether you are a student or a multi-billion dollar pension fund. Have a look around and start learning - and don't forget to ask any questions that may be at your heart.

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Performance Year-to-Date (20.01.2017)

MVO Multi-Asset Portfolio: +0.60%

GTAA Multi-Asset Portfolio: +0.81%

MVO S&P 500 Sector Allocation Portfolio: +1.4%

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How The Economy Works - by Ray Dalio

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Asset Allocation explained in a simple way. A brilliant idea. - Research Analyst, Frankfurt/Main

A site like quantfriend is another step in the democratization of finance - and a great one. - Hedge Fund Analyst, London

quantfriend offers for free what investment managers charge lots of money for - proven multi-asset solutions - Portfolio Manager, Zurich


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