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Welcome! We focus on sophisticated, quantitative investment strategies.

Welcome to quantfriend - a place where we focus on the thing that matters most in investing: asset allocation. Because time in the market is more rewarding than timing the market, we have made it our premise to examine and develop strategies that spend as much time as possible in the markets - with innovative approaches that seek to capture as much risk premia as possible and limit the downside through portfolio construction. We deviate from classical investment approaches, because we think many of those were founded on the wrong assumptions. Overengineered diversification for the sole sake of complex portfolios, low duration because of low yields, or portfolio diversification that only works in risk-on markets where you need it the least are just some premises we try to avoid.

We believe that fundamentally there are only three things that matter for sophisticated investors over the long-term: Inflation, deflation and the effect of economic power on global trade flows.

We employ modern academic approaches to these three pillars of believe. We specialize in constructing risk-optimal, lean and sound portfolios that have outperformed most benchmarks and peers over the long-term.

From very risk-averse to aggressive - we believe there is something for everyone here.

Have a look around our website and start digging into our philosophy- and don't forget to ask any questions that may be at your heart by clicking on get in touch.

Performance Year-to-Date (20.01.2017)

MVO Multi-Asset Portfolio: +0.60%

GTAA Multi-Asset Portfolio: +0.81%

MVO S&P 500 Sector Allocation Portfolio: +1.4%

How The Economy Works - by Ray Dalio

Asset Allocation explained in 5 minutes

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Asset Allocation explained in a simple way. A brilliant idea. - Research Analyst, Frankfurt/Main

A site like quantfriend is another step in the democratization of finance - and a great one. - Hedge Fund Analyst, London

quantfriend offers for free what investment managers charge lots of money for - proven multi-asset solutions - Portfolio Manager, Zurich


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