Individual Solutions

We're here to help.

Not all asset allocations cater to very specific needs. That's why we're here - for those special circumstances where a little more fine-tuning is needed. With extensive experience in portfolio construction and management, there's few things we can't do. Drop us a line and we will figure out something together.

Quantitative and Predictive Analytics

We are employing statistical tools with the help of computerized algorithms to constantly evaluate and gather detailed insights on patterns, risk, return, co-relationship and co-momentum parameters of the financial markets. Ultimately, we aim at benefiting investors in strategic and tactical asset allocation.

Machine Learning

With the help of machine learning algorithms, we are training our models to help predict likelihoods of specified outcomes and/or relationships. We do so carefully by avoiding overfitting and applying strict cross-validation. The goal is to create valuable models that help avoid unnecessary risk and achieve better risk-adjusted returns.

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Optimization

We offer a wide variety of portfolio construction models, formerly only available as high-priced software systems to institutional investors. We feature all portfolio construction models, as well as new risk-return optimizations that can give you an edge over the market. This also means to include machine learning algorithms into asset allocation models to tilt risk-adjusted returns into your direction.

Big Data

With the advent of computerized and algorithmic trading, the quality and abundance of data is at the core of successful systematic investing. We offer a highly-competitive and rich database of trading data, consisting of millions of datapoints, covering thousands of individual securities (almost all US-listed equities, indices, ETFs and mutual funds). But we do not stop there. Our systems are running non-stop to calculate quantitative statistics and to recognize patterns that help you optimize your portfolios and strategies. Contact us to see if this is right for you.

Data Mining

The gathering, structuring and validation of data is a non-trivial undertaking. You want to be sure that you can rely on it. That's what we are good at. With us by your side, you never have to worry about the accuracy of data.

Project Work

This means anything else that may be on your heart in the domain of financial market analysis and modelling. Be it risk management, process consulting or the analysis of specific topics. Give us a shout and we will assess if we can assist you in the process.